Wake the F$%k up!

 I think this message is long overdue and one that should have come from every entrepreneur in the Cyprus startup ecosystem a lot sooner.I was recently asked to participate as a mentor in a reality web series where startups went through an 8 week training program and had the opportunity to pitch to investors at the end of the program in a Shark Tank style.Prior to accepting the invitation I had my reservations as to how the competition was being organised and discussed my concerns with a couple of fellow entrepreneurs but in the end we all agreed that the motivations of the organisers were good and any initiative to support the ecosystem was a step in the right direction, so we agreed to help out.In retrospect I could not have been more wrong and I can only express my disappointment in the final outcome. Although the motivations were good the execution and message delivered to outsiders is incredibly misleading.This video sums up everything that is wrong with the local startup investment ecosystem. See more here