Startups are child’s play! Lesson 1: “Take the first step”

In this series of posts I will be sharing startup lessons learnt whilst building Funifi and what startups can learn from kids. This first post was inspired after spending the day with my godson & cousins seen in the picture above as I watched them try new things for the first time.As this is the start of the series it would only be fit to start from our beginning, from the birth of Funifi. Looking back now over the last 11 months from when we began to where we are today can only be described as an immense roller coaster of emotions filled with highs & lows, ups & downs & round abounds.Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Copenhagen, Lars Buch put it best

“In a startup you have to embrace uncertainty”

and that is exactly what we have been doing since we started last June at Startup Live Cyprus, embracing uncertainty and conquering challenges as we move forward in fulfilling our companies vision. See more here