Startup Live. Levelled up indeed.

Well, Startup Live a couple of years back was the first startup competition I attended. Two years later and here we are. A couple of steps forward wearing the Mentor shirt. Not because of the huge success or amazing achievements but because of a story that has a lot of ups and downs and can be shared through mentoring.First things first, if it weren’t for the organisers it wouldn’t be possible to have such an amazing event. So, Lydia, Stavriana, Nicolas, Nicos, Constantinos, Menelaos, THANK YOU!The amazing ecosystem of Cyprus provided mentors that had the backing of the amazing international mentors adding value to the whole process. We were fortunate enough to have a great lineup that really worked during the weekend.I attended 99% of the last Startup Events. The new faces there were 60% of the attendees. This can be called a success. New faces, new ideas, growing ecosystem.As all the mentors I had the opportunity to talk with most of the teams. I saw teams go from zero to hero, teams pivoting, teams eager to learn. Not all ideas were winning ideas but they had the passion and the drive to go for it, hit their faces on the wall and start all over again. Startup material, and some people really have what it takes to do shit, CEOs in the making.A lot of people were asking what do we do now? Even if we don’t win what’s the next day gonna be like? Trust me when I say this, today is the first day of your new life. Being kind of romantic here but it’s true. Such events can be life changers. And everybody that you saw there and might seem helpful, contact him / her. The ecosystem is there to support you. See more here