Salty chips = More Beer

Pure math… kind of.Disclaimer: I do eat a lot of chips, I do drink a lot of beer but it has nothing to do with this article.Startups solve problems, relieve pains. I ‘ve heard it a million times, “find a problem and solve it”, “be the solution”. This is true and it’s what should be done but I remembered something my Great grandmother used to do. Here’s the story.Somewhere around 1970s in a village called Lysi (close to Famagusta, Cyprus), a little boy called Nicos (my dad) visited the coffee shop his grandfather owned. There his grandmother was the cook and she had just finished frying chips. Nicos tried to eat one but it was extremely salty and he asked his grandmother why is that and she responded “the saltier the chips, the more beer they drink”. So simple yet so deeply business oriented quote by an un-educated woman creating a problem she had the solution to!See more here