How We Raised $700,000 For Our Startup without a product

DISCLAIMER ALERT: This post is not intended to be a guide as to whether or not raising money is for your startup or when the right time is. Neither is it a definitive guide to raising capital. It is merely a recollection of the process taken by us while raising funds for our previous startup and what we learnt along the way.Saying that I would really advise that you think long and hard if you really need to raise money for your startup. I still think Chrys Chrysanthou from Notion Capital put it best when he said

“Not every startup needs rocket fuel”

As exciting and challenging fundraising can be for a startup founder, it is also a long and tiring process that will keep you away from your business at a time where it needs you most.You will need to be prepared to face a lot of rejection and making sure at the start that it is the right move for your startup will help you through the hard times.There are also many options to raise capital for your business and picking the right one depends on a lot of different components which I will not discuss here either, but will quickly run through a few of the options and let you know why we made our decision. See more here