50 Shades of an Entrepreneur

Kinky right? I’m just talking about the title. It’s intriguing isn’t it?!

Disclaimer: If you ‘re here for the xxx sorry (not sorry), you won’t find it, unless you are an entrepreneur, interested in the startup life and or a business perv. Yeap, you read right.

I was sharing the Diyful story once again, this time at an Academic Conference. As usual I was sharing the best part of being an entrepreneur, the failure. More specifically the failure in getting an investment and how that got us into the hardcore “revenue now” mode.They say an entrepreneur should embrace failure. Well, I love it, and so do others as I realised. One of the examples I give on this topic is something that happened during a trip I took to do an investor pitch for Diyful. I remember getting in a room and for two hours getting hammered by questions I didn’t even think existed. No investment but, it was an amazing experience and I loved it! Then the business perv term came into mind. So, imagine the 50 shades of an entrepreneur being the signs that you see in one. As I have already mentioned, I love failure and I have failed once more since I cannot find 50 “shades”, although I realised I don’t want to. I’m already two paragraphs in this post and I am still blabbering, imagine a long post :)I realised that I have already written something about it. And it’s called In a Startup? Signs that you need to be locked up! But hooray hooray, missed one very important fact. See more here