Wake the F$%k up!

 I think this message is long overdue and one that should have come from every entrepreneur in the Cyprus startup ecosystem a lot sooner.I was recently asked to participate as a mentor in a reality web series where startups went through an 8 week training program and had the opportunity to pitch to investors at the end of the program in a Shark Tank style.Prior to accepting the invitation I had my reservations as to how the competition was being organised and discussed my concerns with a couple of fellow entrepreneurs but in the end we all agreed that the motivations of the organisers were

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Salty chips = More Beer

Pure math… kind of.Disclaimer: I do eat a lot of chips, I do drink a lot of beer but it has nothing to do with this article.Startups solve problems, relieve pains. I ‘ve heard it a million times, “find a problem and solve it”, “be the solution”. This is true and it’s what should be done but I remembered something my Great grandmother used to do. Here’s the story.Somewhere around 1970s in a village called Lysi (close to Famagusta, Cyprus), a little boy called Nicos (my dad) visited the coffee shop his grandfather owned.

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50 Shades of an Entrepreneur

Kinky right? I’m just talking about the title. It’s intriguing isn’t it?!

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