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The Vision

A vision to Startup Cyprus.

We channel our individual creativity, innovation and persistence to realize our vision for Cyprus.

We believe in the creative and disruptive power of startups and innovation.

We believe in charting our path to economic prosperity.

We believe that evangelizing entrepreneurship and startups across the board is the roadmap to take us there.

We believe in the power of the Cyprus startup community.

We are here to facilitate, help, enhance, empower, connect.

Our passion, enthusiasm and persistence is culminated by our ecosystem’s impressive achievements over the last three years springboarding internationally acclaimed startup events into entrepreneurship endeavors-turn investor-backed startups that put Cyprus firmly on the global startup map and mainstreaming the startup mentality and entrepreneurship mindset.

The coming together, engagement and actions of our highly dynamic community is our passion in action making meaning and bringing positive change. Our past is our future. We stand united and committed in materializing our vision.

We, the startup community of Cyprus, are here to make things happen.

Startup Cyprus